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Tresman Steel’s engineers are industry proven professionals specializing in the design, fabrication, and erection of steel structures. The knowledge our engineers have developed over the years has allowed them to put technical and scientific principles to practical use. This practical approach to engineering has resulted in designs that are safe, expedient, and cost effective.
Tresman Steel’s engineers have capabilities covering a wide range of structural steel applications. Whether it be designing complex connections, raising the roof of an existing building, or creating open spans in existing conditions, Tresman Steel’s engineers will use their knowledge and innovation to help our customers achieve their expectations on time and on budget.
Core Engineering Principles:
  • Know your products capabilities
  • Value Engineering: Design your product to the safest and most economical application.
  • Commitment to quality control.
  • Commitment to the Health and Safety of the general public and our employees.
Design Build Specialization:
Over the past years design-build has asserted itself as a viable alternative to traditional procurement methods and is presently the fastest growing delivery method in North America. During the early eighties Tresman Steel’s management had the vision to recognize this trend and became one of the leading Structural Steel fabricators in providing complete design-build services for steel structures. Tresman Steel currently specializes in design-build projects where the consultants deal directly with the trade contractors as specified in figure 1. Based on this approach, design-build consistently represents 80% of Tresman Steels revenue.

By instilling our extensive knowledge of fabrication and erection in to the design process, Tresman Steel delivers:
  • Total responsibility for Structural Steel design.
  • Unique construction techniques.
  • Satisfactory completion of the project.
  • Decrease in the overall project completion time as compared to other procurement methods.
  • Economical solutions tailored to the clients needs and concepts that meet the client’s goals.
  • Guaranteed pricing early in the decision process.
  • The introduction of construction, fabrication, and material availability knowledge early in the design stage.
  • Reduced cost.
  • A single point of liability for both Structural Steel design and construction.
Tresman Steel's unique approach to design-build is exemplified by the Magna International Inc. plant expansion in St. Thomas, Ontario. The addition / renovation encompassed the design, fabrication and erection of over one million square feet of plant and office space and was accomplished in just 18 months from award to completion.
To achieve this fast tracked schedule and to meet all the design requirements, architectural planning, structural design and steel fabrication drawings occurred simultaneously. This resulted in a condensed construction schedule made to suit the client.
Integrating Tresman’s technical experience with the specialized experiences of the owner, architect, mechanical contractor, and the general contractor further reduced the schedule. This team approach, which is the key to any successful design-build project, was constructive and non-adversarial throughout the entire project and has become the model for every design-build project Tresman Steel is involved in.